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Strawberries [
posted on September the 15th

[ mood | nostalgic ]

I've always felt an affinity for strawberries, mostly because my grandmother's dishes were covered in red and yellow strawberries. I grew up with those dishes and now, I own them. Since her passing, I've been expanding her collection. Since they're over 30 years old, and not the most common pattern, I've had a bit of trouble. Replacements.com is disgustingly expensive, but I've resorted once or twice to their services. I've found a few pieces on Etsy and eBay, and even been lucky enough to find a few plates at Goodwill. Most internet searches, however, turn up nothing. No scans of Sears catalogs with all of the accessories (which I'd kill to see), no fellow collectors, no lists of what all was available. It's so sad. Here's a picture I took of the packaging of a set of curtains. It shows a few of the fabric accessories I'd be so, so happy to find (like the oven mitt, kitchen towel, toaster cover, and pot holders, not to mention more place mats!) I own four place mats and a pair of the bottom and top center curtain panels, but not the diagonal ones.

ETA: I've found the holy grail: a potholder and an oven mitt. I'm so happy! Now I just need those diagonal curtains, a kitchen towel, an oval vegetable bowl, some tall mugs, and one of those strange pan-looking casserole dishes. I would bet money I have one of the most extensive Strawberries collections around. ;-;


I figured I'd make a fairly extensive post here, with pictures, of everything I currently have in my collection. This is mostly for myself, to keep track of what I have and what I still need, but I know a lot of you thrift and garage sale and I figured if you were familiar with the pattern, you might remember me and my search if you recognized it while shopping. The pattern is called simply "Strawberries" and it was put out by a division of Sears called Harmony House. The pattern number is 4112 and it was produced in Japan in the late 1970s/early 1980s. There was also a coordinating pattern called "Berry Band" that was the exact same, except without strawberries. Its pattern number is 4007. I collect those, too, when I can't find the appropriate Strawberries piece. They look exactly the same in most cases because there are a lot of Strawberries pieces that don't actually have strawberries on them. Here's a blurry iPhone picture of my china hutch:


What I have already in my collection and what pieces I still need, WARNING: VERY IMAGE HEAVYCollapse )

Friends-Only [
posted on November the 22nd

[ mood | irritated ]

My journal is now friends-locked. Sorry! Too many uber-crapheads lurking about. FOO on YOU, I say! ::shakes fist::

Please comment if you still want in on my crazy life and I will add you!

My BPAL Collection [
posted on September the 21st

[ mood | cheerful ]

I haz a flavors. Let me show you them.Collapse )

posted on August the 21st

[ mood | nostalgic ]

BPAL For Swap!Collapse )

Wishlist!Collapse )

BPAL for Sale [
posted on June the 19th

[ mood | sad ]

I don't really want to talk about it, but I really need the money. I am selling off my BPAL. I have no idea what to sell them for. Please make me an offer. I will hear any reasonable amount. If any of these bottles were gifted to me, and I know a few were, I truly apologize. I know it's tacky and if you'd like it back, I understand.

I also have a considerable list of partial bottles, imps, and decants, but I'm not finished inventorying them yet. Please let me know if you are looking for anything in particular.


I think $3 will cover the shipping and a small bubble mailer. If you buy a bunch we might need to go up to a small flat rate box. I also have a BUNCH of partial bottles, imps, and decants. Let me know if you're looking for something. If you know anyone looking for something, please pass on my list.

My PayPal is themiseryloveco@gmail.com and hopefully you can do it as a gift so they don't hit me with fees.


ALSO, I have some things listed in my Etsy shop. I'll be listing more this week.

Glamourkin is updating! [
posted on March the 27th

[ mood | impressed ]

...and it's such a beautiful update. I see a few that I loved at first sight, but I don't think I will be able to get any this update. And that's pretty sad. I almost always get 3 or 4 (or 8!). Alas, life is BOO and I need to show restraint now. BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO, DO YOU? ;) No, you don't. Go, fly, my pretties! See all the lovely shinies and then scoop some up for yourselves.


Here's a picture of a beauty; I'm a sucker for the gardening ones. :)


Look at the rest of them on their Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarah_plus_jenn

Love the unicorn. :D

Finally Posting About New Perfume! [
posted on March the 19th

[ mood | hopeful ]

Sorry it's taken me a few days to get into the mindset to post about my new line of perfumes, but I've made some posts over at miseryloveco . If you're not already a member of miseryloveco , please join! I make a new post every time I release a new scent and I always post a review post with the scent notes, letting (and hoping) you give your opinions (good or bad, I wanna know!) on scents you've tried.

Tell your mom. Tell your D&D friends. The Misery/Love Co.!

We're also alls up in your grill because we're all over the interwebs. Follow us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/TheMiseryLoveCo) and Like us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-MiseryLove-Co/204878866761)!

Anyhoo-- if you want the links to the posts over at TMLC/LJ, here they are:

Release post: http://community.livejournal.com/miseryloveco/4929.html
Reviews post: http://community.livejournal.com/miseryloveco/5194.html

I hope you like them! <3

The Sweetest Update [
posted on November the 11th

[ mood | thankful ]

I just want to thank those of you who purchased The Sweetest Day perfume sets, which is to benefit the ladies of Glamourkin. Today, I was able to pay a major chunk of their Etsy fees thanks to you! There is a small amount left on the balance, though, but if one more person wants to pick up a set, I think that would be enough to bring them back to a zero balance for now. (I do still have 17 sets left, if anyone is interested.)

For those interested, here is the link again.

Any good thoughts and energy you could send their way today, I'm sure they would appreciate it. (I love you both and hope you feel better.) ;-;

Glamourkin! Update! GUH! [
posted on October the 24th

[ mood | thankful ]

I'm sitting here at my computer, shirking chores, eating chips and salsa, and patiently waiting for MY GLAMOURKIN PENDANT to be listed. I'm eyeing the screen hungrily, clicking "refresh" obsessively, ready to click BUY at just the right moment. I have my game face on. IT'S ON. (ETA: *PHEW* I almost missed it by making this post. BUT I GOT IT! *celebratory dance*)

I got these two SO FAR:


What are you waiting for? :D (and which ones are you getting? or which ones did you manage to snag?)

And speaking of Glamourkin, I'm sad to say I still have 17 sets of The Sweetest Day still for sale! All proceeds go to the lovely proprietresses of Glamourkin, so please, if you're interested, buy a set or spread the word! Let's help our beautiful friends reach their 1000 Glamourkins dream. To the three of you who've bought them, I thank you, thank you, thank you endlessly. Your support is amazing! To all of you who've posted about it or shared a link, I thank you endlessly as well. I couldn't come close to doing all the word-spreading on my own! I love you all! <3

You can get one here at my Etsy shop, The Misery/Love Co.!

For $20 USD you will get: a 5ml bottle of THE SWEETEST DAY perfume oil, which is in our fancy new amber bottles, as well as two sample sized vials of FOREVER FRIEND (one for you and one for you to give to a friend), and one of our new hand-stamped muslin bags. I'm also throwing a few pieces of fancy chocolates and NC salt water taffy in there to complete the sweets theme. PS: If you're vegan, like me, let me know in the Notes to Seller and I'll totally make sure you're treats are vegan-friendly! <3

Here's the scent notes!

Piles of cupcakes, frosting swirled high
Apple dumplings, cheesecake, pumpkin pie
Mounds of brown sugar, pools of sweet cream
A caramel, vanilla, marshmallow dream

On this Sweetest Day, savor each minute
Smile at the moment; enjoy being in it
Bask in the light of your circle of friends
And know that your Sweetest Day never ends


A sister is a forever friend.

Rose water, spun sugar, angel food cake, airy meringue, crystallized lemon peel, and ripe strawberries.

The Sweetest Day at The Misery/Love Co. [
posted on October the 12th

[ mood | loved ]

This coming Saturday marks the holiday known as Sweetest Day. I've been knocking around a few ideas on how I could help raise some money for mermaiden and willow_cabin and thought that the arrival of this holiday, one that they really adore, was just too-perfect timing. Plus, I love making perfume. Let's make a perfume for Sweetest Day and sell it for them! Right? Right! See if you can follow along with my disjointed happy-craziness.

I was going to start the sale on the 16th, but I can't wait. I have one set for sale now here at my Etsy shop, The Misery/Love Co., but I have 20 sets total to sell, I'll just list them one at a time as they sell. Never fear.

For $20 USD you will get: a 5ml bottle of THE SWEETEST DAY perfume oil, which is in our fancy new amber bottles, as well as two sample sized vials of FOREVER FRIEND (one for you and one for you to give to a friend), and one of our new hand-stamped muslin bags. I'm also throwing a few pieces of fancy chocolates and NC salt water taffy in there to complete the sweets theme.

After PayPal takes their fees, and after I pay the Etsy fees for listing and selling them, all the rest of the proceeds will be going to Sarah and Jenn's fund that helps them pay for their Glamourkin fees, shipping, whatever they need at the moment. If you haven't read about their 1,000 Glamourkins project, you can do so here: http://mermaiden.livejournal.com/553044.html

I'd love to hear about your Sweetest Day. Describe one perfect day, or a day you'd like to see happen, or a day that happened a long time ago, but was so blissful it's forever imprinted on your mind. Let's hear about them! Go to our Facebook and tell us about it under "Discussions". http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-MiseryLove-Co/204878866761

Are you ready for some pictures? Some fancy perfume descriptions? Well, lookie HERE!Collapse )

Please, pass it on to anyone you think might be interested. Re-post (or write your own fabulous words instead of quoting my crazybabble) on your journals. Splatter it all over Facebook, Twitter, what have you! I'd really like to be able to sell them all and, in turn, help out Jenn and Sarah. If they all sell, that's just under $400 (accounting for fees) that can go toward their goal! How awesome is that? I hope you'll help me spread the word, whether or not you're interested or able to buy a set.

Thank you!!!

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